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Frequently Asked Questions

1.         What is Microfinance?

Microfinance provides financial assistance to the less privileged in form of loans, savings, and other basic financial services. People living in poverty, like everyone else, need a diverse range of financial instruments to run their businesses, build assets, stabilize consumption, and shield themselves against risks. Financial services needed by the poor include working capital loans, consumer credit, and savings.

2.         Who Are the Clients of Microfinance?
The clients of a microfinance bank vary from pensioners, retrenched workers, small farmers, households to micro-entrepreneurs.

3.         What is Trustfund Microfinance Bank all about?
Trustfund Microfinance Bank is an organization that provides financial products (such as micro credit loans and access to savings) to micro-entrepreneurs and businesses.
4.         How can the Poor be helped financially?

Poor people, with access to savings, credit, and other financial services, are better helped to enable them cope with financial crisis.
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