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Our Products

This account is targeted at specific projects, milestones or dates agreed ab-initio with the bank. Customers are not allowed to draw until targeted dates or milestones.
* Interest at 7% per annum (Higher than ordinary savings)
* Can be used as collateral for facility.

T-FLESS (Trustfund Future Leaders Savings Scheme)
With my T-FLESS:
*           There is no minimum limit on the amount that can be saved.
*           For children; teaches them to save.
*           Operated by parents until their wards are 18 years.
*           Higher interest than ordinary savings at 6% per annum.
*           Each year five children of ages 6 and above are to be given scholarships for one year.

T-LEASE - (Trustfund Micro Lease)
This product is available to enable individuals or groups to procure household equipment and other assets.
* No contribution required.
* Need not be bank's customer.
* Two guarantors who must be applicant's bosses or well known persons in the society.

THIS - (Trustfund Home Investment Scheme)
This product is meant for Nigerian citizens resident abroad.
* Packaged to enable them invest in savings or fixed deposits in landed properties and shares of quoted companies.
* Bank can make up funds if customer cannot provide 100%. Funds should be transferred through bank's domiciliary account.

WITH (Women in the House)
This product is aimed at making women to be financially independent and economically active in the society.
* Purpose is to empower women and teach them financial independence.
* Focus is on churches and other organized women groups.
* Facilities to be given in groups of 5,10,20,30,etc.

TDCS (Trustfund Daily Contribution Scheme)
This product is aimed at helping the economically active poor of the society to save and increase their income. It will give them the assurance for smooth consumption flows, expand their asset base and increase their ability to remain responsive to certain demands and activities within the economy.

* A minimum regular savings of any amount per day or per month.
*Personal /Individual
 * Corporate
* Clubs and Associations
* Our cheques can be cleared through our correspondent banks

TSA (Trust Savings Account)
With my TSA:

* There is no minimum of the amount that can be saved.
* The client can make deposits on daily, weekly or monthly basis.
* Withdrawal period will be predetermined by the client.
* Our interest rate of 2% per annum is attractive.
* Minimum balance of 500

TSAS (Trustfund Share Acquisition Scheme)
The product offers you the opportunity of acquiring those shares you've long desired.
* No contributions required.
* You own the shares; receive the dividends, bonuses and capital gains.

TLPO FINANCE (Trustfund LPO Financing)
This product is available to fund LPO transactions from blue chip companies and other reputable organizations.

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